how to use deck blocks

deck - Concrete Footing or Concrete Blocks For Footings.

I'm thinking of building a new deck at my new home that I just moved into. It's going to be a two level one. The highest level will be about 3

Dek blocks with or without piers? - Forum - Bob Vila

We are planning to build a deck in the next couple of weeks. We plan to use the "dek blocks" from ***** (the ones where you just set on the ground

Choose the right foundation for your deck – Canadian Home.

Wait for a couple of years, regardless of the foundation you’re using, but especially if you’ll be using deck blocks.

Deck Foundations - Alternative Ways To Support Decks

The cheapest deck foundations are concrete deck blocks that just sit on the ground. The blocks are usually less than $10 apiece. However, you must

How to Build Floating Decks: Tutorial for Novices

Easy to situate as needed on your site, cement deck blocks provide the foundation for floating decks, as shown in this picture. David Beaulieu

Using Deck Blocks To construct a Deck | DoItYourself

Deck blocks are specially constructed portable foundations, generally made from poured concrete.

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