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Jul 2, 2013 . Installing bamboo flooring over concrete? . If floating a floor over a slab, just ensure to use a quality 3 in 1 underlayment, which will serve as a.

Installing An Engineered Hardwood Floor Over A Concrete Slab

This article is divided into three sections. Be sure to also read What You Need To Understand Before Deciding To Use Hardwood Flooring Over A Concrete Slab.

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Installing hardwood flooring over concrete is generally not advisable for . One can install 1.5" sleepers on top of the slab to provide this nailing.

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Mar 25, 2012 . Can you install hardwood flooring over concrete - Westchester NY, Yes you sure . You can install either an engineered hardwood floor (this is real .. I still haven't made a decision what to put in my home that's on slab. I really.

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Important guidelines for subflooring to be placed over concrete surfaces. . Make sure the concrete slab is flat to the wood flooring manufacturer's specification.

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When you install hardwood floors over concrete, there are only a few steps to . While pulling up carpet, laminate, or any other flooring is obvious; they aren't the.

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May 1, 2005 . If you want to install flooring on a concrete slab, your floor-covering . of flooring is far more stable than solid wood, even when installed over.

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If you love solid wood floors and your home rests on a concrete slab, you're not out of luck. But it's considerably more difficult to install a 3/4-in. wood floor over.

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Jan 14, 2015 . Engineered flooring isn't going to hold up over the years like true . I would be concerned about gluing directly to a slab on grade unless I was.

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Dec 31, 2000 . To illustrate the complexities of working over concrete, let's follow the misadventures of Buford, our fictitious wood flooring contractor. After a.

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Installing a hardwood floor over a concrete slab. Even if your home was built on a concrete slab, you can still enjoy the beauty and charm of hardwood floors.

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Insulated Floors Over Concrete. . Q&A: Insulated Wood Floor Over Concrete . strip flooring over this (see "Laying Wood Floors Over Concrete Slabs," 10/94).

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Methods of installing wood floors on concrete. Solid, engineered. Over plywood sub floor, direct gluedown or floating engineered. . Sleeper On Slab System.

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Just the nail fun for wood floor is expansive but you can rent for a couple of days. ... Should we always install solid hardwood flooring over a concrete slab ;NO.

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The planks go down fast, over virtually any material—concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, even ceramic tile. There are several floating floor materials available, but if.

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In fact, many homes are built on a concrete slab rather than a crawl space. So, if you want wood . Methods to Install Wood Floor Over Concrete. by Andrew St.

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Jun 24, 2015 . Per the NWFA and , you may install a subfloor over concrete and there are different . anytime solid 3/4″ wood flooring is installed over concrete. . to install 3/4″ Solid Hardwood to an on-grade or suspended concrete slab.

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When gluing down bamboo over concrete it is best to use a moisture barrier and . 101 Home Bamboo Flooring Tips Can I install bamboo on a concrete slab.

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Find out the steps needed to install laminate flooring on a concrete slab, and . Laminate Flooring Over a Tile Floor (article); Carpet and Laminate Flooring for.

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While I rarely have to install a wood strip floor on concrete here in the North East, a lot of you have houses built with a concrete slab as a subfloor. I must say, you.

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Nov 14, 2014 . What is it with wood flooring on concrete? . When we had concrete slabs on grade or basement concrete floors old guys learned to install . Photograph 1: Plywood Over Bitumen—Plywood replaced wood sleepers and was.

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Wood floors over concrete: Solid-wood strip or plank flooring must have an adequate wood substrate for secure nailing over concrete. Use either the.

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Installing a wood floor over a basement slab is always somewhat risky, because many basement slabs are subject to occasional moisture-entry.

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For contractors, installing hardwood flooring over concrete slabs is a daunting task. Arm yourself with these tips for making the process go smoothly.

The Number One Wood Floor for Concrete Installation

concrete slab? ? Is the wood air dried and kiln dried? ? What experience do you have installing wide plank floors over a concrete slab? ? Is my floor made to order.

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I agree with Ben, as usual. First, test your slab - put a sheet of plastic over it, at least 3 feet square, taped down to the slab all around - leave for.

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Homes built on concrete slabs are good candidates for solid wood flooring, provided . steps and precautions before installing wood floors over a concrete slab.

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Hardwood flooring can be installed successfully on either on-grade or above-ground concrete slabs. But before you begin, it's important to understand that.

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