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Firstly, pavers are durable and if installed properly, they will last for years without requiring you to do maintenance on them. Lately, more and more people have started to use high-quality travertine pavers for pool decks rather than cement 

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31 Jul 2017 Natural stone materials, such as travertine, marble and granite, offer a beautiful and durable landscape material Natural Stone Walkways; travertine Patios; Marble pool decks; Natural Stone pool Coping; Granite Steps 

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When it comes to maintenance of travertine how often should you have to spread more sand around the deck? .. We love the look of the travertine for our pool deck but are concerned about cracking due to the holes in the travertine (i.e., snow 

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travertine, also known as Austin stone, is a beautiful material for flooring and pool coping decks but it must be have chosen travertine as their patio material surrounding a pool or pond, proper care and maintenance is even more critical.

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travertine tile will add a lifetime of beauty to your home, but only if it's properly cared for. Before deciding that travertine stone is the best option for your home, it's important to understand what's involved in the cleaning and maintenance of 

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pool deck , brick pavers , travertine tile , travertine pavers , non slip surface , heat resistant , durability , travertine Additional advantage for choosing travertine for your pool deck is that is easy to maintain and smooth on the feet, it naturally 

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1 Oct 2016 We are having travertine pavers installed on our pool deck and will be sealing it too. What is the best cleaning method or products for maintenance?

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Congratulations on completing your home improvement project and now the trick is to keep it looking as clean and as new as possible. Luckily, the travertine tiles are the perfect fit for any outdoor deck or pool patio area. Not only is the 

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If you decided to use travertine pavers on your driveway, pool deck or walkway, you may be wondering if there's anything you need to do maintenance-wise after the installation is complete. Natural stone pavers retain their beauty without 

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6 Aug 2008 How do I remove a mud stain from travertine patio? The stains We have outdoor noce travertine - unsealed - on our pool patio deck. We had a Can you give us any recommendations on how to clean the stains? We have 

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11 Jul 2017 cleaning travertine is very important for increasing the stone's life. the use of travertine is not limited to indoors and can also be used for outdoor stairs, patios, swimming pools, pavements, driveways and pool decks.

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One of the biggest advantages new paver pool decks have over traditional concrete pool decks is the fact that paver pool decks require very little ongoing maintenance. Many types of pavers such as tumbled marble and travertine pavers have 

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25 Dec 2016 Preventing Water Damage: travertine has a porous structure this causes water to get absorbed into the pores of the paver dissolving the salt within the stone and weakening it. This is a common problem on pool decks and in 

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Tags: marble patio, Natural Stone Coping, natural stone walkway, travertine pool deck, travertine pool patio Triad Associates offers a wide variety of pool decking materials including: pool Patio Materials Paver pool decks Natural Stone 

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If your travertine is on a pool deck where you frequently entertain guests, sealer will ensure that there's minimal damage Before you apply the sealer, clean the travertine pavers with a cleaner that is suggested by the sealer you selected.

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travertine pavers are a great choice for your outdoor project but requires certain care. Learn how to Clean travertine pavers at Paver house blog. travertine Paver · Brick Paver · Paver Installation · Paver Installation · pool Paver Installation 

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Tiles are another popular pool deck material, thanks to their longevity and ease of maintenance. Stone pool decks are available in both geometric shapes and freeform, natural flagstone styles, while travertine can add as little or as much 

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Everything about travertine Pavers, travertine Tile, pool Coping, Natural Stone Pavers, Natural Stone Tiles, travertine Flooring for patio and pool decks. A: Tumbled travertine Pavers are one of the best materials to use around a pool deck, patio, driveway, or walkway. . A: Every once in a while you may need to clean your travertine, especially if it's in a high traffic area or laid outside near a tree.

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maintenance: Sealing: Acrylic, Penetrating, Shark Grip, Color Enhancers, etc.? Grout or no grout? (It remains quite cool in the sun and thus makes for excellent flooring for pool decks, patios, sun rooms, etc. The primary drawback for using 

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8 Aug 2012 Wood decking is another choice to consider, especially on a beachfront pool. Sand can sift through the wood, which helps with maintenance. If you decide to use actual wood, sealing and seasonal maintenance are musts for 

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29 Jun 2016 maintenance of travertine tiles is mandatory in order to keep the tiles in tip-top condition. Resealing the . areas, as well. You can use travertine tiles for garden pathways, decorative exterior walls or swimming pool decking.

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travertine PATIOS & SALTWATER poolS IS travertine THE RIGHT CHOICE AROUND A SALT-WATER This high strength overlay is durable, resists salt-water, is easy to clean and maintain and is almost as non-slip as cool deck.

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27 Oct 2014 A popular pool deck option, especially in sunny South Florida, is travertine pavers. travertine pavers may be the best choice for a beautiful, not slick when wet, not hot when sunny, not too difficult to maintain, swimming pool 

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Lately, more and more people have started to use high-quality travertine pavers for pool decks rather than cement pavers of travertine pavers is that they are very easy to clean – it takes no more than several minutes to clean these pool and 

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Thin pavers may seem a cost effective way of giving your pool deck a radical makeover, there are however important factors to consider and certain rules that must be observed if you want to maintain a healthy outdoor paved living space.

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