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What if you could double your deck's lifespan? Here's how to do it. If you've got the kind of friends who are more likely to show up for an afternoon of barbecue and chilled Dogfish Head than a weekend of deck scrubbing and sealing, consider 

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13 Feb 2013 Explore the features of decks and patios as well as the pros and cons of each addition. in 2013 states the average cost of a midrange deck addition project runs around $15,000 for a composite deck and $9,327 for wood. Contact Great Day Improvements today to see how we can extend your living space through the addition of a deck or patio, and start living your life outside, too!

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Deck building is certainly a DIY endeavor provided you have better than average building skills and keep the plan simple. This guide will familiarize you with everything you need to know about outdoor decks from planning and wood varieties to Unfinished wood will weather naturally, but to prolong its color and longevity, consider applying one of the many protective finishes now on the market.

10 Things to Know Before Building Your Deck Better Homes

These screws will resist corrosion and extend your deck's lifespan. Warning: The popular Amenities such as lighting, sound systems, or fans make outdoor structures popular places to be during warm weather. Rather than finding ways to 

3 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Deck – Parr Lumber

17 Jul 2013 If you're building a deck in the near future, you'll want to hear today's tips. On average, decks typically last 15 to 25 years because the wood eventually rots. In some cases, it's the decking boards that rot first. In other situations 

Average Life Span of Homes, Appliances, and Mechanicals

your roof? This article discusses the average life span of major home appliances, mechanicals and overall home maintenance. Interior and exterior paints can last for 15 years or longer, however homeowners often paint more frequently. Surface decks are exposed to a wide range of conditions in different climates, from wind and hail in some areas to relatively consistent, dry weather, in others.

Deck vs. Patio: What's the Difference? - Nationwide Blog

28 Jun 2017 A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform without a roof that extends from a house. On the other hand, Long lifespan. A quality patio can last more than 25 years and maintain its value without much upkeep. Susceptible to 

Dangerous Decks Beneath Our Feet - CBS News

24 Jun 2009 The average life expectancy of a wood deck, Koeppen added, is 10 to 15 years. It's important to make sure all the hardware used on the deck (connectors, nails and screws) are coated for an outdoor environment. ZMAX is a 

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1 Aug 2017 Do you want to add a deck to your home, but you also want to ensure you're investing in a deck with the longest lifespan? Here's how to compare decking materials.

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12 Mar 2018 But on average, the cost of building a deck is a relatively affordable way to extend your outdoor living space. Building a Deck That Lasts. The good news about building a new deck is that most come with a warranty that lasts 

5 Decking Materials - costs, benefits and life-span - 123 Remodeling

23 Jun 2015 Decking materials used will enjoy the outdoors, reduce landscaping costs w/ functionality and monetary budget. It is the most economical and least expensive out of decking materials with a lifespan in the average of 15 

2018 Decking Cost Calculators & Estimators Average Deck Prices

decks and porches can elevate your quality of life several notches. Done right, they add to the look and value of your home and create outdoor spaces for parties, stargazing or just hanging out, cocktail in hand, watching the world go by. decks 

How Long Things Last This Old House

Chimneys, fireplaces, and brick veneers can last a lifetime, and brick walls have an average life expectancy of more than 100 years. Because they are subject to a wide range of conditions in different climates, the life expectancy of wooden decks can vary significantly. Exterior fiberglass, steel and wood doors will last as long as the house exists, while vinyl and screen doors have a life expectancy of 

What is the average lifespan of a wood deck? - McGarry and Madsen

22 May 2015 The life expectancy of a wood deck is 10 to 15 years, perhaps up to 20 years, with maintenance and coating with a •What causes paint to peel prematurely on the exterior of a house? expect that the lifespan will be cut in half; and, in some cases, the joists will rot as fast as the deck boards above them.

2018 Wood Deck Prices Per Square Foot 12x20 Deck Cost

2 May 2017 The average reported cost of a new wood deck is $5620. Wood decks come deck in your area. Connect with a local wood deck contractor to get started on your outdoor addition today! Choosing stainless steel screws might bump up your cost, but they will also last the lifetime of your deck. Decisions like 

Composite Decking: Does It Really Stack Up? Deck Talk - Fiberon

10 Aug 2014 But what kind of deck building materials are you going to use for your new outdoor oasis? Is there an alternative building material that Traditional wood decks have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Because composite decking is 

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Discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. but you'll want a little extra time in advance to conduct research and plan the best outside living space for your budget have a longer lifespan than those on the lower end of the spectrum; this is true for both wood and composite decking 

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That's because the Montreal contractor and president of Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu, Inc. has more than 200 ideas for hot tub deck designs under his tool belt. And these . average life expectancy with weather exposure is 15 years. Since the 

How Long Will My Wood or Composite Deck Last?

29 Sep 2017 The lifespan of your wood deck may vary based on the type of wood, so let's go over how long cedar, mahogany, ipe, Composite can be heated and shaped into curves to create really unique decks and outdoor features.

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27 Jul 2014 Traditionally, the lifespan of a wood structure is about seven-eight years if its not cared for. Given the way patios are built, with a solid crushed stone base below a layer of pavers, they are the best solution for any type of 

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The average life expectancy for some components has increased during the past 35 years because of new . Wood. lifetime. 5. decks. Wood. 20. Dry areas last 20-25, South 10-15, North 20-30. Deck Planks. 25. 6. DOORS. Exterior Doors.

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8 May 2017 A properly built deck frame should last years, if not decades. But different types of decking have different life spans. In this blog post, Jim Finlay of Suburban Boston decks and Porches breaks down what to expect from 

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This paper examines the number of injuries caused by outdoor decks and porches from 2003 to 2007. Data was collected . approximate the average life of a deck to be 10-15 years.6 It is estimated there are more than 20 million decks and 

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