hardin deck ledger calculator

Decks. Laying Out the Deck Ledger Board

Learn how to plan ahead to avoid problems when installing your deck ledger board to the house wall.

Deck Ledger Board Installation - InspectAPedia

The deck ledger, the horizontal framing member that connects the deck to the building forms the starting or reference point for the rest of deck construction. The ledger Let the epoxy harden, then slip the ledger over the rods, add washers and attach the ledger with nuts. The Simpson Strong-Tie Opti-Mesh screen features formula-specific mesh designed to control the flow of adhesive out of the screen.

Decks. Beams and Footing Calculator

Use this deck beam and footing calculator to determine what size beam you need based on your support post spacing and joist size.Also find the result of the proper concrete footing diameter based on the soil type and tributary deck area.

Framing Inspection Checklist - Hardin County Planning

15 May 2007 After framing is completed, decking is installed, stairs, guardrails and handrails are installed, If the deck or porch is covered with a roof, the (hardin County Road Department Requirement) At the framing inspection the inspector will be checking maximum span calculator for joist spans sponsored by the American Wood Council for a quick easy way to learn the required supported by approved framing anchors (joist hangers) or on ledger strips not less than a.

Deck Load Calculator - DecksGo

deck Load calculator. This calculator determines the size of each tributary area of your deck. It then determines the total load from each tributary area based on the design load of your deck. Type of deck (?) Single ledger Freestanding deck 

Decks. Lateral Load Connector Device

Learn about your options for providing lateral load support for your deck. We explain recent code The easiest way to ensure your ledger board connection will satisfy this requirement is to install 4 hold downs devices. You will need to predrill 

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